FLUFSY Fruit Tart Cat Bed

Here's a cute product that will brighten up not only your day but your furry pet as well. This Fruit Tart Cat Bed is bound to sweeten things up for your favorite feline companion!


Let her curl up in this playful modern cat bed that looks like a fruit tart. This yummy-looking cushion is stuffed with comfortable cotton material that's suitable for the bone structure and body built of cats.

This cute cat bed with a tart shell cushion also comes with a detachable assortment of fruits (a kiwi slice, a tangerine slice, a raspberry, and two blueberries) that can work as pillows or toys. Get this delightful comfy treat for your sweet furry friend today!

Guests or family will be delighted with your taste for modern cat furniture!  🐾


 Cushion Diameter:

 Small: 15.75" / 40cm
 Large: 19.69" / 50cm

 Cushion Height:  4.33" / 11cm
 Material:  Polyester 
 Stuffing Material:  PP Cotton
 Package Includes:

 1 set Fruit Tart Cat Bed

 1 tart shell cushion

 5 fruit pillows