CatchPro Rat & Mouse Spring Snap Traps 2 pieces

Improved Design

Based off traditional spring snap traps but with improved materials, more precise triggers and safety features make CatchPro Rat & Mouse traps more effective and efficient. CatchPro traps produce 32% more force then other traps on the market, resulting in a much higher kill rate. This improved, humane design ensures the rodent is kill fast and with as little pain as possible but at the same time prevents the rodent from escaping once its caught. 

Safe & Sanitary Pest Control

Older style wooden traps are dangerous and difficult to set up. CatchPro traps utilizes a removable bait cup that is accessed from under the trap. Easy to remove, refill and put back into the trap without having to set the trap first. Push open the trap to activate and your done! Fingers are safe and away from the trigger, eliminating accidents or injuries. Once a rodent is killed, simply push open the trap to release and dispose. Simple, mess-free operation that can be re-used over and over again. 

Engineered to Perform

CatchPro traps are made with durable ABS plastic that can easily be cleaned and used over again. Engineered with a highly responsive snap mechanism that work with powerful stainless steel springs and specially designed teeth, this is the best solution for protection and extermination of pesky rats and mice. 

Simple 3 Step Setup:

  1. Rotate the removable bait cup 90 degrees to release. Insert bait of choice. Most rodents prefer high protein bait such as peanut butter or or something sweet such as candy. Insert bait cup back into trap and rotate to lock.
  2. Place trap where rodent activity is present or put along walls where rats and mice prefer to travel.
  3. Push the trap open and your done! Once you have a kill, simply push open the trap over the garage bin to release. With any type of trap, always use caution when used around children or pets.