Chop N Drop Board

This Cutting Board was designed so that you can chop and rinse your vegetables, without losing any of your cut veggies in the process. We used to cut our veggies on a cutting or dicing board and then throw the chopped veggies into a strainer to rinse, often dropping some of them on the dirty floor, which you might find annoying, time consuming and creating more dirty dishes. With the new designed Folding Cutting Board you've got you cutting board and colander all in 1 piece. So no more dirtying extra dishes and no more dropping cut veggies.
1. Simply lay the board flat and chop away.
2. Fold the board in half on the folding crease down the center of the board.
3. Simultaneously fold the top of the board, where the colander is, upwards.
4. The board will fold into a neat chute.
5. Apply a little bit of pressure the board will click into place with the designed click feature, leaving you with a colander at the end of the chute.
Now you can rinse and strain your cut veggies without having to dirty extra many kitchen utensils.
Cutting Board Features and Specs

  •  The dimensions of the board are 38*23*3.5cm
  • Made from high grade plastic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hanging hole for easy storage
  • Fold the colander section of the chopping board upwards, this will help level your board and insure it lays flat to give you the most comfortable cutting position.
Please allow 12-20 days for item to be delivered

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