Clean Max Interior Cleaning High Pressure Spray Gun Washer

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Detail Like a Professional

Clean Max washing spray gun takes all the hard work out of detailing your car. Clean Max spray guns works with high pressure air and water to effectively blast away dirt and stains from carpet and car upholstery. It even works on leather, dashboards, door panels, wheels and tires. 

Innovative Design

Clean Max spray guns use a high speed rotational spray tube that delivers a powerful stream on solution that loosens dirt and gunk. Each spray gun produces between 6.5kg - 9.2kg of spray pressure. With the additional hairbrush attachment, scrubbing stains out has never been easier. Its small, compact design allows you to detail those hard to reach areas.

Durable & Easy to Use

Each Clean Max spray gun is constructed of nickel-plated aluminum alloy material and high strength ABS plastic. It also includes an adjustable flow control switch to easily increase or decrease flow pressure. Simply connect the spray gun to a high pressure air source (air compressor), fill spray bottle with solution, attach the included trumpet head and pull the trigger. It doesn't get any easier then that!

Saves You Time & Money

There are many more uses then just auto detailing. Works great on motorcycles, bicycles, RV's, sofa's, carpet, clothing, plastic, glass and so on. Safe on all surfaces and finishes. Never waste your money at the car wash again or hire an expensive auto detailer. 

Package Includes:

1 x washer gun /foam cannon gun with bottle (1000ml)

1 x hairbrush attachment

Notes:  High Pressure Air Source Required (Air Compressor). For best results, include a cleaning detergent/solution in spray bottle.