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CollarPal LED Safety Dog Collar

Ultimate Visibility & Safety

CollarPal LED safety dog collars are designed to keep your pet safe at night. The stylish, bright LED light omitted from the collar can be seen easily during night time hours. Weather you are taking your pet on a walk or a night time run, it is very difficult for vehicles to see you. CollarPal LED collars make your pet visible and vehicles will see your dog well in advance with this bright collar. This could save you and your dogs life!

Durable LED Technology

CollarPal LED collars are made with high strength polyester fabric, making them extremely durable yet stretchy for your pet's comfort. The LED light strip is battery powered (battery included) with 60-80 hours of battery life and can easily be replaced by removing the battery tray located in the collar. CollarPal LED collars also offer different lighting modes, from slow to fast blinking intervals. 

Options To Suit Your Needs

CollarPal LED collars are available in several sizes to fit large and small dogs (see chart below). Each collar can easily be fine adjusted to maximum comfort. CollarPal offers 7 different colors to choose from to fit your dogs personal taste.

  • X-Small (XS) - Width = 0.59" (1.5cm)   Length = 7.0" - 10.5" (18-27cm)
  • Small (S) - Width = 1.00" (2.5cm)  Length = 13.4" - 16.5" (34-42cm)
  • Medium (M) - Width = 1.00" (2.5cm)  Length = 14.5"- 19.3" (37-49cm)
  • Large (L) - Width = 1.00" (2.5cm)  Length = 15.7" - 21.25" (40-54cm)
  • X-Large (XL) - Width = 1.00" (2.5cm)  Length = 16.5" - 23.25" (42-59cm)