Dreamer Harmony Weighted Blanket XL King 25 lbs

The Dreamer Harmony premium weighted blankets, also known as gravity blankets, might help reduce stress and promote deeper sleep.

Studies have shown that they might especially help treat individuals who experience anxiety, Restless Legs Syndrome, Insomnia, ADHD, and Autism. Heavy weighted blankets benefits derive from an at-home therapy called deep pressure stimulation which has been shown to increase serotonin and melatonin while also decreasing cortisol – the stress hormone.

These benefits might help individuals experience a night of deeper sleep and wake up rejuvenated. You would be hard-pressed to find another weighted blanket that is more durable, breathable, and comfortable than this premium 25 lb weighted blanket.

Most weighted blankets are composed of only 5 layers, but this premium gravity blanket is composed of 7-LAYERS to provide extra comfort and durability. In addition, these cool weighted blankets are made of breathable cotton which creates a cooling effect and allows for better temperature control.

Cool Weighted Blanket Features
  • Antistatic design - reduce and inhibits the electrostatic discharge, ideal for the Fall and Winter season!
  • Highly breathable - breathable cotton design to create a cooling effect  
  • Cooling - most weighted blankets can sometimes be too hot for sleepers that tend to sweat at night. This calming heavy blanket is cooler and allows the body to reach deeper sleep by keeping your body temperature cooler
  • Deep fitted fits like a King - XL size and designed for King size bed, there is no substitute for a good night sleep when it comes to comfort and size  
Weight Blanket Specification
 Blanket length  92" inches or 243 cm
 Blanket width  86" inches or 218 cm
 Insulation  Cool
 Bed size  King
 Material  Cotton
 Pattern  Solid


Note: Cream and Sage color are duvet covers for the tranquility weighted blanket