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EcoFresh 12pcs Reusable Mesh Grocery Produce Storage Bags

Washable & Reuseable

EcoFresh reuseable grocery bags will change the way you store fresh produce forever. They are designed with a polyester mesh fabric that allows air to circulate and the product to breathe, keeping vegetables and fruits fresh longer. This breathable mesh fabric even allows you to wash them while still in the bag. Easily rinse your produce, pat dry and store into your fridge. You will see a longer shelf life and fresher tasting fruits and vegetables.

Great for the Environment

EcoFresh bags are reusable over and over again and is 100% eco-friendly. They are foldable and compact. Bring them with you to the grocery store, pack your vegetables or fruits into them and never throw out another plastic bag again. This reduces the amount of waste in landfills and is better for our environment. Every EcoFresh bag is washable, just throw them into laundry and reuse. 

Easy to Use & Multifunctional

Each set of EcoFresh bags includes 12 pieces, 3 large bags, 6 medium bags and 3 small bags, each color coded. The easy to use draw string and poplock makes using them a breeze, but also ensures a secure seal. EcoFresh bags are also great to use around the house, not just for produce. The ultra strong, see-through mesh fabric makes them great for storing just about anything, from Lego's to leggings. The possibilities are endless.