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Essager Interchangeable Magnetic Head USB Phone Cable

Simplify Your Life - With Technology That Matters

Portable electronic devices have become a part of our daily lives as we get more and more immersed in our technological gizmos and gadgets. Statics show on average each household owns between 4-5 smartphones and or portable tablets. Eventually these devices need charging but not every manufacturer uses the same connection to their device. So its common to see a clutter of multiple charging cables in every home. Essager interchangeable magnetic head charging cables are the solution to this problem.

One Cable For All Your Devices

Esssager charging cables are designed with magnetic heads, which can be interchangeable with of the most common sizes, Lightning, Type-C and Micro USB. Simply place the specific head type into the device and the charging cable will magnetically hold in place. Once charging is done, simply remove the cable and charge the next device, regardless of head type.You can charge 3 different types of phones with just one cable!

High Quality Materials For Better Performance

Essager magnetic heads are fully compatible with all Lightning, Type-C and Micro USB devices. Each head provides a tight, secure fit which effectively blocks dust and dirt from entering the charging interface. This essentially prolongs the life of the connection port. To ensure a solid 480Mbpas transfer and quick 3A charging, the interface connections are plated 24k gold for better adsorption. Each Essager cable also features ballistic nylon material to help protect it from damage or fraying. 

Options To Better Suit Your Needs

Essager charging cables come in 3 colors to choose from: Black, Silver or Red. Cables come in lengths of 1m (3.3 feet) and 2m (6.5 feet). Each cable purchase will include one head of your choice but additional heads can be purchased separately.

Notes: If your mobile device has a case, please measure the opening to ensure charging heads fit.