EZ Pest Away Ultrasonic Repellent

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Electronic Pest Repellent - Essential for Household

It's summer time now and cockroaches, mosquitoes, mice or pest can be seen almost everywhere.  Rodents and insects are known to carry and transmit malaria, viruses and bacteria.

Pests are unsanitary which can be dangerous to you and your children.  The EZ Pest Away Ultrasonic Repeller effectively destroys rodents and insects without poisons, traps or expensive pest control services.

Completely safe for you and your family, and will not affect pets. It omits an ultrasonic sound wave that is extremely uncomfortable to pest and rodents and is effective within a 800 - 1300 square feet area.

Simple to use, no confusing instructions or parts to assemble.  Just plug in, step back and let it do it's magic! 

Key Features:
- Effective on mice and rats. Works great against roaches, mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, crickets, moths, bugs and more.  
- Omits an ultrasonic frequency 22KHZ - 65KHZ and with an effective range of 800 - 1300 sq ft.
- Hands-free, non-toxic and chemical-free method of getting rid of pests.
- Instant indoor and outdoor elimination of rodents and pest - Works through walls and ceilings.
- Power source: AC 90V - 250V, 50 - 60Hz

Installation Method:
1. Install the Pest Away on power socket of the wall at a height of 20 - 80cm, ensuring it is vertical to the ground (NOT recommended to lay flat on the ground). Pest Away may not be as effective if installed not within its operating height.
2. Please avoid any obstructions or objects in front of the product within 1 meter.
3. The product needs to be installed in an open area.
4. Try to avoid directly facing curtains, sofas, etc. and other fabric items.
5. First, install the product in the area or room most infested with rats, mice or insects, and after they have left the infected area, transfer the Pest Away to the center of the whole home (such as living room) to effectively repel and keep out rodents and insects from coming back.

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