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iCaseLogic Silicone iPhone Case Cover

Express Your Unique Style

We can all admit that almost all smartphone manufacturers design and build their phones to look very similar to each other. It's getting harder and harder to distinguish the difference between them. Nobody wants to spend $100's of dollars on a phone just to have the "same" phone as the person next to you. Even phone cases tend to look the same, adding further confusion to this identity crisis.

iCaseLogic phone cases were designed so you can personalized your own phone with creative and funny designs and patterns. These special designs will sure to turn heads and make a statement with friends and family. Add you own unique style and be the conversation starter at your next party or event. 

Durable Premium Materials

iCaseLogic phone cases are made of a premium TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material that is both scratch-resistant and ultra durable against impacts and falls. Every iCaseLogic phone case is specifically made for each model so the fit is exact and wraps perfectly around your phone. This prevents dirt from entering and adds a second layer of water resistance, further protecting and prolonging the life of your mobile device. 

Protection That's Simple & Clean

The high strength of the TPU material allows it to be manufactured ultra thin, so it doesn't add that bulkiness that other cases do. This anti-slip material easily grips your hand and is also highly flexible so installation and removal is simple. Every iCaseLogic case provides total protection, fully covering the back, sides and corners but has cutouts for cameras, speakers, mics, buttons and phone jacks.