Kitchen Essentials 3Pcs Multi-functional Vegetable Peeler

Multi-functional Vegetable Peeler 

Each Kitchen Essentials 3pc kit includes 3 different size peelers for different types of vegetables. Easily peel, shred, slice or julienne your favorite fruits or vegetables with no effort, cutting prep time in half! 

Ergonomic Design

Made with 100% food-grade materials, each peeler features a swivel double-edge ultra-sharp stainless steel blade. The specifical design handle is shaped to contour around your hand for the smooth, comfortable peeler.

Create Healthy Meals and Snacks

Creating new wonderful dishes has never been so easy, with its multi-functional features. The 3pc peeler kit can handle most fruits or vegetables and work on bumps and curves with ease without clogging or losing its edge.

  • Black 50mm Peeler: General peeling of potatoes, carrots, apples, pumpkin, pineapples, and tomatoes.
  • Blue 68mm Peeler: Cabbage shredder, cheese slicer, ribbons, and thin slicing.
  • Red 50mm Peeler: Julienne, zucchini noodles, pumpkin spaghetti.
  • Each peeler includes a built-in potato eye remover or to scoop out seeds from fruit or pips.

Must-Have Kitchen Tool

A simple compact design fits in any kitchen draw or cabinet. Cleans easily with soap and water and is dishwasher safe. Great for friends or family who love to cook.