Creative Toilet Nightlight

No more missingyour target or stumbling around the bathroom in the dark!

You can finally avoid being blinded by the bright bathroom lights in the middle of the night by using this automatic LED toilet bowl night light.

Make late-night trips to the bathroom as simple as possible as the motion-activated light illuminates the toilet bowl with soft, easy on your eyes light in your choice of 8 different colors. 

Motion-Activated LED Sensor:  The LED Toilet Light with a high-quality light sensor and motion sensor, will automatically turn on when detects movement and stay on for 2 minutes after the last movement, protecting you and your kids from stumbling around in the dark.

  • Suitable for any bathroom:  Designed with a soft and flexible PVC neck, regardless of the shape of the bowl, it can be easily bent to match any toilet type.
  • Creative lighting design:  Choose between 8 single colors or a color-cycle, this toilet night lamp is going to make your toilet beautiful and easy to use at night. 



Light source: LED

Material: ABS plastic

Voltage: 4.5V

Power: 0.1W

Size: 6.8 x 6.7 x 1.7 cm

Net weight: 43g

Battery: 3 x AAA batteries (Not Included)

Sensing distance: 2 meters

Special features: motion sensor