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Lil Learners Child Potty Training Toilet Seat & Ladder

Superior Comfort & Safety

Training your little one to potty has always been a challenge for any parent but having the right tools will make it much easier for both you and your child. There are many different types of potty training seats available today but what makes one more superior than the other? Stand-alone potty chairs are gross and require you to clean the chair afterward. Very disgusting and unsanitary! Lil Learners child toilet seat sits over your existing toilet so their mess can easily be flushed down the toilet, no cleaning or touching. Of course, each Lil Learners child seat is sized to fit your little one comfortably with its contour seat design. The seat also has integrated handles to aid in getting in and out safely and easily.

Easily Adjustable & Compact

Lil Learners child toilet seats also have a built-in ladder, not normally seen with other brands. Typically a separate ladder/stool is purchased and is used alongside the training seat, which can create more clutter and is more difficult to store away. Lil Learners training seat features a built-in ladder/stool, making the overall structure more sturdy and safer for your child. And with its foldable design, it's compact enough to be stored anywhere. The stool pedals can also be adjusted up or down to fit almost any size toilet and feature rubber feet to prevent any movement. The anti-slip texture on the foot pedal also adds additional safety features to help your child feel more confident and safe when getting on or off.

Durable & Simple to Clean

Lil Learners training seats are made with durable ABS plastic which makes it easy to clean. Each seat can easily be disassembled for cleaning or just scrub with soap and water. Available in two fun colors, pink and blue.