Luxury Weighted Blanket

Our luxury weighted blanket is the perfect weight for most adults.  More is not always better!! Just insert the blanket into your own duvet cover. Upgrade to our luxury blanket that provides an enhanced tactile experience, while offering a snuggling sensation for you as you’re reading, resting, or watching TV.

A full-body hug: The luxury weighted blanket is filled with high-density glass microbeads helping it conform to your body. Remzy won’t shift off the bed or onto your partner, so everyone sleeps better.

Thin and flexible: Our glass bead filling is almost three times denser than plastic beads, often used in similar blankets. This keeps the Remzy blanket almost as thin as a regular blanket.

Calming quiet: The glass beads are merged into an acoustic fiber mesh to reduce distracting noise as the blanket moves.

Beautiful: Our neutral gray insert looks great in all settings and won’t show dirt.

Easy maintenance: Spot clean or wash your weighted blanket on gentle cycle and hang it to dry.


  • Soft Polyester Cover
  • Acoustic Lining
  • Glass Microbead Filling