Magic Stainless Broom Dustpan

No More Looking Around for Your Dustpan!

Always having to clean up the mess on the floor can be really tiring and time-consuming. A vacuum is heavy to carry around and could be too loud for your sleeping children. This hand-propelled Magic Stainless Broom Dustpan is a combination of broom, dustpan, and trash for hard floors.  A new generation of cleaning products to add to your cleaning toolbox. It does the job of a vacuum without electricity or the annoying loud noise!

Easy to use and can sweep, collect residues and dust throughout every corner of your home with just a gentle push. You can clean your hard floors with minimal effort!  Without having to bend or push hard, hurting your back and shoulders. Also, the foldable handle easily helps you get to hard-to-reach places and the built-in dustpan makes it mess-free by emptying it with a single move.

Since no power is needed, you will save energy and also protect the environment. Watch how all the mess on your floor magically disappears into the dustpan! Say no to the stress and tiredness that cleaning gives you and let the Magic Stainless Broom and Dustpan do its job effortlessly! Get yours today!

Magic Stainless Broom Dustpan Features:
• Works on hard floors such as concrete, hardwood, tile, marble, linoleum and more
• Doesn’t use batteries or electricity
• Adjustable handle length made of aluminum alloy
• Easy to empty up the dirt with a simple move

Broom and Dustpan Specifications:
• Material: ABS plastic and PET
• Color: red, rose gold, purple, blue, green, yellow
• Size: 115x 30x 19cm
• Handle length:115cm

Package Content:
1 x Hand-Propelled Sweeper(one set)


Due to the difference between different monitors and lighting, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.