Mosquito Killer and LED Bulb 2 in 1

Hot and heated summer is coming!  It's time to protect you and your family from annoying mosquitoes with this harmless and toxic-free anti-mosquito LED bulb. 

Without the usage of bug repellant spray and other chemicals, it applies to both outdoor and indoor usage, which is even safe for children to use while sleeping at night. Moreover, it is easy to switch to different modes whenever the illuminating function is needed. 

No extra wires or cables are used, millions of insects can be killed effectively by installing the mosquito lamp as a normal light bulb.


Mosquito Killer and LED Bulb Specification:

  • Power:
    5W - 2835  31  LEDs (6 LED UV, 25 LED White)
    10W - 2835 37 LEDs (12 LED UV, 25 LED white)
  • Light color:  White & blue UV light
  • Lamp Base:  E26/E27/B22
  • Lumen:  900lm for daylight 6000k
  • Beam angle:  180°
  • Application:  Home, Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen / Outdoor, Garden, Patio, Deck, etc.
  • Function:  Night lighting and Bug Zapper


Which fitting to use:

E26 - United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan

E27 - Australia, Europe, and the UK

B22 - Australia and the UK

How to use:

1.  Three Lighting Modes

       First Mode: LED light and blue UV Bug Zapper killing light on

       Second Mode: Only blue UV Bug Zapper killing light on

       Third Mode: Only LED light on

2.  One Lighting Mode

      Only One Mode: LED light and blue UV Bug Zapper killing light on

3.  Three Adjust luminance

      Three gear to adjust the intensity of LED light


  • Genius Design - 2 in 1, Can be used as an LED light bulb or Mosquito Zapper, or both
  • Bug Zapper - Build-in special purple LEDs for mosquito zapper(wavelength 360-400nm), trap flying bugs within the range of 500ft, and kill the bugs with high voltage grid
  • Chemicals Free - UV Electric Zapper, no dangerous chemicals or foggers
  • Bright Bulb - 10W/15W E26/E27/B22 LED bulb,900lm brightness, energy-saving, unique design LED driver, ensure the bulb lifespan.


Package included:

1 x LED Bug Zapper Light Bulb