My Critter Catch & Release Insect Grabber

Don't Squash. Catch & Release Safely

"I'm not afraid of spiders" said NO ONE! My Critter insect grabber is an ingenious device designed to catch and release insects without harming or killing them. Weather you are an insect observer/collector or just plain hate insects, this is the perfect tool for any household. My Critter works with spiders, crickets, beetles, moths, roaches, ants, wasps, bees and even scorpions! My Critter is quick, clean and a non-lethal way to remove any unwanted guest. 

Fast-Easy-Safe & 100% Eco Friendly

My Critter is designed with soft nylon bristles that expand and close gently onto the insect, trapping it but not harming it. The extra long 15" handle allows you to grab any bug at a distance without any fear and release them harmlessly outside. Easy to use, just squeeze and release the handle. My Critter uses no batteries or dangerous chemicals so its 100% Eco-friendly. Say goodbye to expensive exterminators or poisonous bug sprays.