Philips Smart TV Remote Control Replacement With Netflix Vudu YouTube Keys

When the time comes for a replacement remote, get one that is literally designed specifically for your TV.  Saving you the frustration of a universal remote and offering you all of the bells and whistles that you’re looking for, this Phillips’ Smart Remote Replacement is up to the job. 

All of your favorite comments will be available at a single tap, and you can even assign different apps to color-coded buttons for added convenience for your viewing pleasure.


Philips Smart TV Remote Features 

  • : URMT39JHG003 Remote Control for Philips TV with Netflix and Vudu keys
  • Ready to Use: Comes pre-programmed to match your Philips smart TV.  No need for any setup or programming.
  • Putting batteries in and Works. Batteries and User Manual are not included.
  • Compatible With TV Models: (May not the complete List)

Philips TV Compatible Models

24″ Inch 24PFL4508, 24PFL4508/F7
28″ Inch 28PFL4609, 28PFL4609/F7, 28PFL4909, 28PFL4909/F7
29″ Inch 29PFL4508, 29PFL4508/F7, 29PFL4908, 29PFL4908/F7
32″ Inch 32PFL3508, 32PFL3508/F7, 32PFL3509, 32PFL3509/F7, 32PFL4508, 32PFL4508/F7, 32PFL4908, 32PFL4908/F7, 32PFL4609, 32PFL4609/F7, 32PFL4909, 32PFL4909/F7, 32PFL5708, 32PFL5708/F7
39″ Inch 39PFL2608, 39PFL2608/F7, 39PFL2708, 39PFL2708/F7, 39PFL2908, 39PFL2908/F7, 39PFL5708, 39PFL5708/F7
40″ Inch 40PFL1708, 40PFL1708/F7, 40PFL4609, 40PFL4609/F7, 40PFL4708, 40PFL4708/F7, 40PFL4709, 40PFL4709/F7, 40PFL4909, 40PFL4909/F7, 40PFL4908, 40PFL4908/F7, 40PFL5708, 40PFL5708/F7
43″ Inch 43PFL4609, 43PFL4609/F7, 43PFL4909, 43PFL4909/F7
46″ Inch 46PFL3608, 46PFL3608/F7, 46PFL3708, 46PFL3708/F7, 46PFL3908, 46PFL3908/F7
47″ Inch 47PFL5708, 47PFL5708/F7
49″ Inch 49PFL4609, 49PFL4609/F7, 49PFL4909, 49PFL4909/F7
50″ Inch 50PFL3708, 50PFL3708/F7, 50PFL3908, 50PFL3908/F7, 50PFL4909, 50PFL4909/F7, 50PFL5601, 50PFL5601/F7, 50PFL5708, 50PFL5708/F7, 50PFL5901, 50PFL5901/F7, 50PFL6501, 50PFL6501/F7
55″ Inch 55PFL4609, 55PFL4609/F7, 55PFL4909, 55PFL4909/F7, 55PFL5601, 55PFL5601/F7, 55PFL5901, 55PFL5901/F7, 55PFL6900, 55PFL6900/F7
58″ Inch 58PFL4609, 58PFL4609/F7, 58PFL4909, 58PFL4909/F7
65″ Inch 65PFL4909, 65PFL4909/F7