Pantry Goods 6Pcs Universal Silicone Food Wrap Stretch & Seal Lids

Keeps Food Fresh

Unlike traditional plastic food wrap that only cover the surface area, Pantry Goods silicone lids stretches and tightly seals around the entire area, keeping food fresh longer. Not only does it work on freshly cut fruits and vegetables, they also work on bowls, cups and most containers. 

Safe and Convenient

Pantry Goods stretch lids are manufactured with 100% food safe silicone and is BPA free and completely non-toxic. The innovative stretch design allows it to work on any shape or size, creating an air tight seal that will not spill or leak.

Cold and Heat Resistant

Each silicone cover is made tough and can stretch up to 40% of its size. They are cold and heat resistant from 40 degrees F and up to 450 degrees F and will remain stretchable for continuous use. They are microwave and dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Eco-Friendly and Economical

Each Pantry Goods set will include 6 silicone covers in various sizes. Enough to cover most foods, bowls or cups. This helps reduce your plastic waste and you no longer have to purchase cellophane plastic wrap...saving you money!