PetPure Portable Pet Water Dispense Bottle

The Perfect Accessory For Active Pets

Pet owners know how important hydration is to their pets, especially active or young puppies. For those who are always bring their pets with them, weather it is walking, hiking, running or just a trip to the park, the PetPure portable water bottle dispenser is perfect for any occasion.

Eco-Friendly & Safe For Your Pet

We love our dogs just like we would with our own children so safety was a big priority when making the PetPure water dispenser. All materials used to manufacturer the PetPure water dispenser are eco-friendly, BPA-free, lead-free and made with FDA approved food-grade plastic that is durable and recyclable. 

Easy, Portable & Convenient

The PetPure portable water dispenser was designed for convenience in mind with its one-hand, one button operation. Tilt the bottle down, push the button and water will dispense into the bowl. There is also a lock button feature which is designed with a silica gel seal ring that prevents water from leaking or spilling when not in use. It's light weight, portable and easy to carry in your bag, backpack or hang it on a sling.

Perfect For Any Size Dog

PetPure offers 3 sizes from 350ml (12oz), 480ml (16oz) and up to 550ml (18.5oz). The 350ml and 550ml are offered in 3 colors: Pink, Blue and White and features a trough size of 75mm, ideal for small to medium size dogs. The 480ml version comes in two colors: White and Black and features a trough size of 90mm, ideal for medium to large dogs. All PetPure water dispensers include a slot to attach a sling for easy carrying and transport.