PhotoShoot Flexible Smart Phone Camera Tripod

Ultimate Photo Companion

Selfie sticks are the past! They have limited angle options and distance. Photoshoot flexible smart phone tripods are designed to break that limit and give you professional style photos and videos. Their flexible legs can wrap, grab and stand almost anywhere, producing photos and videos you could never do before. Capture unique photo angles or create stunning videos without expensive mounts or accessories.

Durable & Stable On Any Surface

Unlike other tripods products you see, Photoshoot tripods feature a robust build that last. This includes high grade, ultra strong metal legs designed to be flexible and bend many times without compromising its strength. Wrap them around poles, branches, fences or mount it on your bike, car or backpack. The possibilities are endless! And with the soft rubber housing, you never have to worry about scratching or damaging any surface. 

Universal Compatibility

Each Photoshoot tripod includes a universal spring loaded phone mount that works with virtually any smart phone camera. It can accommodate a phone up to 3.5" wide and automatically adjust for a secure hold. The 360 degree ball joint allows for either landscape or portrait mode mounting. Photoshoot tripods also feature a 1/4" screw hole mount for use with digital camera or GoPro cameras. 

Selfie Mode Made Possible

Taking selfies or photos from a distance can be challenging and trying to figure out the self timer is too much work. Photoshoot tripods include a wireless remote shutter that can work up to 30ft away! The remote is compatible with both Apple and Android OS via bluetooth and can take both photos and videos.