Professional Foot Massage Cleaner Brush

A complete foot care system for cleaning, soothing, stimulating, and massaging your feet every time you shower.

  • Perfect for those with diabetes, arthritis, back pain, tired caregivers, pregnant women, and athletes. With diabetes, proper foot care is very important. Poor foot care with diabetes can lead to serious health problems.
  • Wearing shoes all day can cause a lot of foot diseases like being full of cracks, causing dead skin, red and swollen, hyperosteogeny, seasoning check.
  • Those sub-healthy will affect your normal life and cause walking inconvenience.
  • Traditional methods to deal with foot dead skin are effectively but not drastically and sometimes even aggravating the illness.
  • The fitting foot design, soft, dense bristles can effectively release the foot fatigue.
  • The bristle contains a de-germ agent so that its sterilizing effect is more obvious.


  • Type: Foot Brush
  • Color: Blue / Green
  • Material: TPR+pp
  • Size(Approx ): 23.5*35*5cm
Please allow 12-20 days for item to be delivered