RainGuard Windproof Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

Newest Inverted Design

The design of RainGuard umbrellas are very unique and is completely redesigned, making it more functional and practical. RainGuard's inverted design and C-shaped handle is today's modernized version of the traditional umbrella, which has been the standard since it was invented. 

Not Your Traditional Umbrella

The secret to RainGuards inverted operation starts with how it opens. They open and close backward unlike traditional umbrellas. With its opening backward, it eliminates the risk of injures to others when fully expanded. When its time to close it, it folds inward, keeping the wet side in, trapping the water and preventing it from dripping down. This feature is especially great when getting in and out of your vehicle, keeping yourself and your vehicle dry. 

Windproof & Weather Resistant

RainGuard umbrellas can also stand up on its own when closed. This feature is great to help the wet side drain and dry. The handle has also been redesigned, allowing you to hold it with your wrist or arm for hands-free operation. Every RainGuard umbrella is made with a double layer, waterproof nylon fabric that is also windproof. The aerodynamic design easily slices through the wind, making it exceptionally comfortable to use, even during strong rain and gust.