Rodent Away Electronic Rat Zapper Trap

Smart Voltage Technology

Rodent Away electronic rat trap uses smart voltage technology to automatically detect when a rodent enters the trap and applies a high voltage shock powerful enough to instantly kill the rodent in its tracks. It's the fastest and most humane way to kill and get rid of rodents forever.  

Easy Mess-Free Cleanup

Lets face it. Nobody likes to deal with a rodent problem, especially after its dead. Traditional snap traps can leave a messy, gory carcass. Rodent Away's no mess, no touch design allows you to dispose the dead rodent easily and safely. Just switch the trap off and tilt the trap into the trash. That's it!

Easy & Safe to Use Anywhere

Rodent Away traps are designed to be used indoors and not exposed to outdoor elements. Rodent Away rat traps are perfect for attics, basements, garages and sheds. It does not use any dangerous poisons or chemicals. Just bait with any type of food and flick the switch. With any type of trap, always use caution when used around children or pets. 

How the Rat Zapper Works:

When the rodent enters the kill chamber to retrieve the bait, the rodent steps on the metal plates, completing the circuit which then delivers a continuous high voltage shock until the rodent is killed. The kill chamber hides the rodent inside so once it has a kill, just switch the trap off and dispose the dead rodent in the trash. 

                     Simple 4 Step Setup:

        1.  Insert (4) C-Type batteries or plug in a power adapter (DC6V1A). Please note power adapter is NOT included.

        2.  Place bait inside the back wall of the trap. Most rats prefer high protein bait such as peanut butter or or something sweet such as candy. 

        3.  Place trap where rodent activity is present or put lengthwise along walls where rats prefer to travel.

        4.  Turn the switch on or plug in a power adapter. The LED light will indicate the trap is active. Once you get a kill, dispose of the dead rodent and setup again. The Rodent Away trap can be used over and over again.