Serene Makeup Brush Cleaner

Keep your skin looking RADIANT and your brushes squeaky CLEAN !

Healthy skin makes people happier and more confident! Even though beauty experts recommend cleaning makeup brushes weekly, nobody really wants to do that!

Cleaning and drying makeup tools is a tedious task for most people as it takes a lot of time and work. This process of cleaning is often postponed but with this easy-to-use tool, you only need up to 30 seconds to clean and dry your brushes, removing the leftovers of makeup products.

The build-up of residues and oils on the makeup brushes could cause acne or it gets worse by using them on the face. This device washes off build-up dirt and bacteria found on the bristles which makes the brushes safer to use. 

Its innovative technology dissolves all the dirt, oil, dust, and grime on your brushes into the water. The spinner creates a high-speed water vortex that removes all residues on the bristles without damaging them. This makeup brush cleaner machine cleans the brushes in an instant without being harsh or harming the bristles, keeping their softness and shape like on the first day you got them. It’s made of top quality materials to ensure long-lasting use. The bowl is made of a safe durable material which is not easy to be broken. The silicone collars with 8 different sizes are suitable for most types of brushes (from 4~30mm diameter) on the market. 

Don’t waste your time trying to clean your makeup brushes by hand! It’s very time consuming and you could damage or break the bristles of your brushes. Also, they will be ready to use immediately after the cleaning.

Surprise your girlfriend, sister, or mother with the Serene Makeup Brush Cleaner by sending them this gift. This device will certainly change their lives and yours forever!

Makeup Brush Cleaner Benefits:

• Easy to use and saves a lot of time

• Removes residues and dirt

• Less harmful to your makeup brushes

• Helps you avoid skin problems

• Suitable for most types of brushes

• Made of top-quality materials

How to clean makeup brush tool: 

1. Attach the brush to the spinner

2. Put water and soap/makeup cleaning shampoo into the bowl

3. Dip & spin the brush to clean

4. Change the water and clean the brush again

5. Raise & spin to dry

Package includes:

1 x Brush Spinner Bowl
1 x Spinner Device
1 x Silicone Collars Stand
8 x Rubber Holders (different sizes)
1 x Storage Bag
1 x User Manual