Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat and Deep Kneading Therapy

When your feet are sore, everything is so much harder.  Give yourself the gift of comfort from the ground up - literally - with this therapeutic foot massager!  With 18 perfectly placed nodules that will carefully massage the pads of your feet and offer targeted relief for aching feet, this is your go-to device for targeted relief. 

This feet massager will not only help relieve toe pain, plantar fasciitis, and common forms of arthritis but can also decrease stress and anxiety in your entire body.  So if you're sitting most of your day or working in your home office...make the experience more pleasurable. 

shiatsu foot massager with heater and kneading shoplexcity

The foot massage machine's specialized novelty curved design allows people with different foot sizes to use this heated foot massager comfortably.  It also has the option of a heat compress for more relaxation.  Give yourself a delectable foot massage right at home as often as you want with this moveable device.

Feet Massager Features

  • Deep Kneading Shiatsu Massage:  This foot massager with 18 massage nodes under the soft mesh delivers a dedicated massage experience for each foot, relieve muscle fatigue, and soothe away your tension. The 6 groups of massage nodes feather two different rotation directions, providing a more comfortable and intimate massage experience. 
  • Resin Massage Ball: Move your foot on a unique resin massage ball at the center of this foot massage machine, for a 360° rotation massage.
  • Keep Feet Warm and Increase Blood Flow:  Heat stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin. Heat and massage therapy provides a lot of the same benefits, and when used together, they may increase each other's advantages which promote blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue, and smooth away your tension.
  • Breathable Fabric to Allow the Foot to Breathe:  With the flat design and breathable cover, it is always extremely easy and convenient to keep your massager clean. The mesh insert is made of breathable fabric to provide utmost comfort to your feet while they are getting pampered and kneaded away.
  • Easy Foot Operation: With a center button that’s angled towards you, there’s no need to bend down to start, stop, or change your foot massager heat experience. You can access the power button and set its mode by just simply touching it using your toes to turn on/off or set heat therapy of the shiatsu kneading massage.
  • Heats the Entire Foot: The heated shiatsu kneading foot massager features a relaxing heat setting that increases muscle relaxation and rejuvenation (the temperature of the heated massager is around 40 - 45° Celsius / 104℉ - 113℉). 

Shiatsu Foot Massager Package Includes

1 x Foot Massager
1 x User Manual
1 x Power Cable