Solar Powered Ultrasonic Mosquito Insect Repeller

Portable Ultrasonic Protection

Don't let mosquito's and insects ruin your favorite outdoor activities again. This compact, portable ultrasonic repeller works everywhere you go. And with its solar power capabilities, this means you never have to worry about changing batteries again. Just switch the device on and get 5 square meters of protection against mosquito and insect bites. 

Safe & Eco-Friendly 

State of the art ultrasonic technology uses sound waves to repel pesky mosquito's and insects away without using dangerous chemicals or pesticides. Its brilliant solar power design requires no batteries, no charging and is environmental-friendly. The easy to use clip design can be hooked on your belt, clothes, handbags, tents or backpacks making them convenient for outdoor use. 

Designed For Outdoor Use

Manufactured with high strength ABS plastic for durability to ensure long time outdoor use. Never be afraid of losing direction anymore with the built-in compass. This helpful addition is great for those camping or hiking or any outdoor activity.