SpaceSaver 8pcs Double Storage Shoe Rack Organizer

Optimize Storage

Do you have too many shoes and not enough space to store them? SpaceSaver shoe organizer optimizes your shoe closet or space by stacking your shoes on top of each other. This ingenious design utilizes your shoe space effectively and also cleans clutter, making it easier to find and store your shoes. SpaceSaver shoe organizer doubles your shoe storage and capacity while keeping them clean and organized. 

Space Saving Smart Design

SpaceSaver shoe organizer double stacks your shoes with a height adjustable sleeve that works with most shoes, boots, heels or sandals. The non-slip sleeve surface ensures shoes stay in place and do not slide off. The simple open design allows you to easily see yours shoes and also to breathe unlike shoe boxes that trap odor and dirt. 

Perfect For Any Home

SpaceSaver shoe organizer comes in a pack of 8 pieces and is manufactured with durable ABS plastic which makes them easy to clean and reuse. Ideal for small spaces or closets or anywhere you want to organize your shoes and still have plenty of space leftover. Makes a perfect gift for any sneaker lover or collector and is available is a variety of colors to choose from.