Spinning Dance Pole Portable and Static with Adjustable Height 45mm Professional

Do you love to dance and looking for a way to stay fit and active at home?  This premium silver finish Dance Pole made of high-quality chrome-plated steel will give you the sturdiness and durability to do all types of tricks!  From inverts, jumping, climbing, spins, and cool tricks to anything your heart desires.
Practical design for building lean muscle, increasing body strength and flexibility to just keeping fit.  It is very easy to set up and take down and is sturdy enough to spin and invert.  The high-quality steel dance pole can support a weight capacity of up to 441 lbs or 200 kb!  Spin and do your dance moves with confidence! 💃 🕺

This portable dance pole can be used at a variety of locations: home, gym, yoga rooms, bars, clubs or prop for photography.  Whether you're a beginner, professional dancer, or pole fitness lover, this high-quality steel pipe dancing pole will provide hours of fun while toning your figure!    

Portable Dancing Pole Key Features:

  • Fully Height Adjustable:  Height adjustable from 7.3' to 9' feet to accommodate many rooms whether it's different popcorn ceilings or carpet levels.
  • Helps Build Strength and Flexibility:  Dance poles are known to help dancers tone their physique by building up body strength as well as flexibility.  It can help anyone stay fit and healthy while keeping things fun!  Great way to work out your upper body and mid.
  • Easy Install: The spinning portable dance pole is easy to put up and disassemble for storage or travel.  
  • Design for All Dancers:  The sturdy and safe pole allows dancers to perform many tricks - inverts, climbing, spins to jumping.  Take your pole fitness to the next level! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I convert the static and rotation mode?

A. There are two screws at the bottom of the pipe, and you can adjust it by tightening (for static mode) or loosening (for rotation mode).

Q.  How can I adjust the height of the steel pipe?

A.  You can adjust the height through the threaded adjustment rod at the top.  Please note that the extension distance of the adjusting rod should not exceed 125 mm or 4.92" in.

Q.  My dance pole doesn't spin at all?

A.  Please make sure you remove the 2 little screws on the bottom for it to spin. The pole is stuck if it is not line up correctly and is installed on the ceiling beam.  Also, loosen the flange nut on the black height adjuster.

Q.  My room ceiling isn't straight all the way, can I still install this?

A.  You could cut a piece of wood the size of the dome or round part that goes against the ceiling and screw the wood into the beam.  Then put the dance pole on that.

Q.  My pole makes a clicking noise when it turns. How can I fix this?

A.  If there is a clicking noise then it needs to be tightened more.


Spinning Dance Pole Kit Specs:

Color Silver
Material Chrome-plated Steel
Dimension 15.2 x 15.2 x 108.3’’ (L x W x H)
Weight 32.5 lbs
Adjustable Height 92.5 to 108.3’’ inch
Pole Diameter 1.77’’ inch
Thickness 0.08’’ inch
Max. Weight Capacity 440.92 Lb
Activities Dance Pole, Fitness and Exercise


Portable Dance Pole Includes:

1 x  Dance Pole Set

1 x Assembly Instruction