TailorMade Universal Car Seat Side Storage Pocket Organizer

Some cars are not designed very practical when it comes to interior storage space especially when every individual has different needs. We all have those things we always have to carry with us, weather its your wallet, phone, keys, parking stubs, cards or money. Those things eventually end up cluttering what little space is already available inside our car.

TailorMade side seat pockets are designed to be compact, so that they don't sacrifice driver or passenger comfort, but yet large enough to hold everything that's important to you. Each side seat pocket sits snug in between the seat and center console so that everything you need is within reach but does not interfere with your seat belt or safety.

Constructed of ultra durable plastic and then wrapped with high quality PU leather that is then precision stitched to match your interior. Available in 3 fine colors that match or accent interior finishes. Universal design means this will fit virtually any vehicle where additional storage space is needed!


  • Your own personal storage compartment
  • Eliminate clutter and personal items
  • Beautiful colored leather to match interior
  • Ultra strong engineered plastic construction
  • Universal design fits most vehicles
  • Precision stitched, fine grade PU leather