TeaSpoon Aroma Press Infuser

Are you a tea lover that loves enjoying their favorite tea every day?  Then you NEED to try out our TeaSpoon Aroma Press Infuser!  You can use it to measure, strain, swirl, steep and stir your favorite tea to bring out its full rich flavor. 

It's uniquely design spoon neatly holds loose leaf or bagged teas with a mesh cover.  Use it to stir your tea and press the tip of the spoon when you need to release all that flavory goodness!  

You can choose the color green (hey most of us love green tea 🍵!) or be adventurous by selecting a random color (you will find out 🤔 what color it is when it arrives).

⚠️Warning: We recommend tea lovers to pick up 2 spoons since their tea friends or family members might borrow it...and never give back! 😍


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Mesh cover holds tea bags in place
  • Built-in plunger saves time and keeps your tea fresh
  • Size:   18 cm x 4 cm x 2 cm
  • Weight:   Approximately 25 g 
  • Color:  Green or Random 
  • Material:   Plastic