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Serene White Noise Machine

Say Hello To Deep & RejuvenatingSleep Again!

Is the neighborhood noise or a snoring partner preventing you from getting deep restful sleep each night?  Lack of sleep not only makes you feel groggy with mental fogginess the next day, but it also makes you look very tired with a dull complexion.  Our Serene White Noise Machine helps sleepers naturally block out noises, creating a perfect environment for deeper sleep or relaxation.  

By blocking out disruptive noises throughout the night, it helps sleepers increase our deep and REM sleep.  Deeper sleep allows our body to restore energy and promotes the growth and repair of tissues and bones.  REM sleep helps improve our memory, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Choose the sound according to your preference.  Create a more peaceful environment to fall asleep faster and wake up completely rested with this white noise sleep machine.  This small white noise machine is suitable for any place for improved relaxation!

Why Good Sleepers Need A White Noise Machine 🤤

  • Portable design - White noise device takes up a small space on the bedside table and can be easily put into your bag or suitcase, making the sound machine the perfect travel companion.
  • 9 kinds of smooth and natural sounds - Sleep sound machine features white noise, wave sound, birdsong, waterfall, cricket sound, bicker, and 3 lullabies so that you can choose sounds according to your preferences and needs to create a quiet environment for you to fall asleep quickly and rest completely.
  • Not just for sleep - Our baby sound machine not only masks noise, improves sleep quality, but baby noise machine also is suitable for use at home, in the office, in a dorm, in a baby nursery, or anywhere you want. 
  • Automatic shutdown timer - This best white noise machine can be played continuously non-stop all night or there is an auto-off timer to set for 15, 30 or 60 minutes to conserve energy (light display). Sleep noise machine features a light display and according to the light, you can adjust the breathing in 10 minutes to relax your body.
  • Improve sleep quality - Relaxing music of white noise sound machines relieves the stress of work and life. This white sound machine allows you to get a restful sleep through the whole night by blocking out unwanted background noises and promotes healthy sleep.
  • USB powered - The baby sound machine features a built-in 1200 mAh lithium battery which offers over 36-40 hours of runtime after a full charge.
  • Charging options: Simply connect the included USB cable to your device, charging time takes about 1.5 hours.