Wine Essence Air Pump Wine Bottle Opener

Ingenious Design

Unlike any traditional wine opener you have ever seen, the Wine Essence wine opener uses air pressure to remove the cork from the inside. The handle pumps air inside, removing the cork in seconds! Simply insert needle all the way into the cork, aerate the pump a few times and voila!

Efficient & Convenient

The Wine Essence wine opener is constructed with high strength ABS plastic, designed to fit on any type or size wine bottle. The stainless steel needle penetrates the cork with ease, eliminating cork damage or debris. No more pulling or twisting corks, making this the most efficient and convenient way to open a wine bottle.

Makes A Great Gift

Know a wine connoisseur or just anyone that drinks wine? This would make an excellent gift! Great for bars, restaurants, cafes or just for home use. The sleek, modern design will look great for any occasion.