Smart Rear View Mirror Full HD Digital Camera 1080P

Your Personal Eye Witness That's Always There

With over a billion vehicles worldwide, unfortunate incidents such as car accidents, vandalism, drunk drivers, road rage, and insurance fraud are very common. Installing a video camera in your vehicle is the next step in vehicle and driving security by storing video evidence when incidences like this occur. Smart digital HD cameras provide peace of mind and security on the road and inside the vehicle.

Discreet OE Design W/ Integrated 4.3" LCD

Smart rearview cameras are designed to mount over your existing rearview mirror. This unique design makes for a much cleaner look, integrating the front-facing camera behind the mirror. This provides a stealthier look, deterring any would-be-thief from sealing your dash camera. The smart rearview mirror also features a 4.3 Inch 16:9 LCD screen integrated into the mirror that records full HD 1080p with a super-wide 170-degree angle lens. The LCD screen can also be switched between the front and rear cameras (if applicable). 

Packed With Smart Features

If an unfortunate incident were to occur, keep in mind the Smart digital camera has you covered. With features such as cycle loop recording, the camera will never stop recording even when it has reached its memory capacity. It will automatically overwrite older recordings so you never have to worry about not having enough memory space. With other features such as G-Sensor technology, the sensor chip identifies when an accident has occurred and will automatically save and lock that recorded file in memory. It prevents that file from being overwritten if you ever need to use it as video evidence.

Security At All Angles

What makes the Smart digital vehicle camera better than the rest? It gives you the option to connect a second rear camera for additional safety features. The rear camera, when activated, automatically displays on the LCD screen to aid in backing up and to alleviate your rear blind spots. This is specifically designed to avoid a backup collision or accident. The rear camera is completely weatherproof and features 4 LED lights to improve low light environments. 

Easy Installation & Operation

Whether you are choosing between the single or dual camera setup, each kit will include everything needed for installation, all hardware and wiring. The Smart rearview mirror digital camera kit is extremely easy to install but may require a professional installer for wiring and mounting of the rear camera.