ScuptWell Muscle Stimulator Wireless

Tone up your body and improve muscle recovery with a wireless muscle stimulator!

This muscle trainer uses an advanced EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology that is designed to help build, shape, and tone up your body.  The muscle toner device can be attached to your skin around the arms, abs, hips, glutes, or legs.  

By using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) wirelessly it sends signals to help increase muscle movement and contraction. Designed to strengthen muscles and relaxes them through the skin.  Stimulate your abs for a tighter core, arms trainer for toning, and butt toner. 

The ScuptWell Muscle Stimulator is very lightweight and thin so it can be easily worn under your clothes. You can work out anywhere at any time without people even knowing it!  Lightweight, compact, and discreet, you can wear it while:

  • running errands
  • doing household chores
  • watching your favorite TV shows or YouTube
  • reading a book
  • commuting
  • lounging on your couch
  • on vacations or casual trips


Electrical Muscle Stimulation Recommended Usage

Designed to train your body for about 20 minutes each time, about 1-2 times a day.  Better results are achieved through consistent usage and routine.

How to use Muscle Stimulator Trainer:

1.  Open the battery cover and insert 2 AAA batteries.

2.  Attach the control unit to the pad snap-on button.

3.  Position the stimulator pad on your body.

4.  Push the ON button to start the device.  Select desire Mode by pressing the PROGRAM button repeatedly.  Each time you press the PROGRAM button a different LED will light up indicating one of the 5 programmed exercise routines.

5.  Push the INC button several times to gradually increase the intensity.  You will notice a tingling sensation prior to the muscle contracting.  Adjust the intensity level base on your level of comfort.  We recommend lower intensity when you first start.  Intensity can be increased up to 10 levels.  Clicking the INC button will increase intensity while pushing the DEC will decrease the intensity level.

6.  To turn off the device, press the OFF/LOW button several times until the LED light is turned off.

Note: Batteries are not included