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Wireless Video Doorbell Security Camera

You can never be too safe in your own home. That is why video surveillance has become extremely important among home owners. There has been a significant reduction in criminal activity due to the popularity of video doorbell cameras for all the benefits they bring. You can never put a price tag on peace-of-mind and safety for yourself and your loved ones.

The 166° degree super wide angle camera lens can cover a large area and also records in super clear 720p high definition video. With built-in night vision sensors, you can easily view and capture video in low light environments. You get uninterrupted, 24/7 video surveillance coverage.

Every video doorbell camera also features an ultra sensitive PIR motion detection sensor. Sensitivity levels can be adjusted by the user to capture the slightest movement if needed and get instant notification once detected. The free-to-download app works on any android or iOS device, giving you real-time video feed and two-way voice intercom so you can speak to and hear who's at the door even if you're not home.

Installation is a breeze with it's wireless integration. Compatible with 802.11 b/g/n devices, this video doorbell camera connects to a 2.4GHz wireless Wi-Fi network. If your current wireless network is not strong enough to effectively connect to your doorbell, you have an option to purchase our Wi-Fi repeater, which will increase your network range and ensure a strong, constant connection.

The video doorbell has two power options, depending on which best suits your needs. You can purchase your video doorbell with our rechargeable, high capacity 3000mAh batteries, which would make this a completely wireless installation. If you already have an existing doorbell system, you can purchase the video doorbell without batteries and hard wire the doorbell to the existing wires (Please note that a constant 12-24V AC power is required and may require a new transformer).  

All captured video is saved on an external SD card, from 8GB up to 32GB. You could also use a cloud service of your choice to save your captured footage. A wireless doorbell chime is also an optional purchase if you do not have an existing doorbell system. Our wireless chime connects wirelessly to the video doorbell and is easily setup within the app. It only requires power from a wall socket connection.