ZealDrive Smart Wifi Socket Power Plug

Smarter Life Better Living

Smart plugs over the years are grow in popularity due to the many benefits they bring. They are fairly inexpensive and are the most basic element to any smart home. Sitting in between an electrical outlet and the device you're plugging it into, smart plugs allow you to remotely control the device via an app or through a smart hub such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Smart plugs are designed to save you time, electricity and make your life more convenient.

Control From Anywhere

The ZealDrive Smart Wifi plug offers many benefits that can help improve your smart home experience. The most powerful feature with the ZealDrive smart plug is the Smart Life app. Your smart plug connects wirelessly to your 2.4Ghz Wifi network, then allowing you to control any light duty electronic device from anywhere, from home, at work or even on vacation. Every ZealDrive smart plug also supports voice control which works in conjunction with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT supported devices. Simply state your command such as "turn on the lamp" and your smart hub will do the rest!  

Simplifies Your Active Life

Forgot to turn off the kitchen lamp? Or want to limit the time your child is on their game console or tv while your at work? Simply turn it off with the Smart Life app from any Android or iOS device. You can also set schedules to turn on or off at designated times. You can have a fan turn off when you're asleep or wake up in the morning with the radio switched on. You can save energy and reduce cost on electric bills. The possibilities are endless.

Custom Ambience Mode

All ZealDrive smart plugs also feature RGB light modes. You can easily control the light color output on the plug via Smart Life app. You can use it as a nightlight or create different atmosphere moods with different colors and light intensity.